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My commitment to the career and business growth outcomes resulted in the development of the Food and Agriculture Business Models framework and the learning & coaching pathway (offered on the drnalla platform). Business model thinking, applying the framework to the industry context, developments & value chain dynamics proves to be the most reliable approach to build a profitable business and realise optimal scale. The pathway offered on the drnalla platform is designed to become the navigation partner (to develop clarity, commitment and confidence) in achieving career/business set-up and growth ambitions. 

Food and Agriculture Business Models pathway uses the four component business model framework which is developed studying more than 200+ businesses and  validated through 1000's of learners from more than 20 countries.The "Four-Components" framework prepares learners to address the "Value Proposition Design" , "Distribution Strategy Design", "Complementary Chain Partnerships" and "Sustainability Elements" that are critical for achieving their outcomes (self-employment or career)

The learning courses and the coaching model is designed to help each learner understand the sector & value chain dynamics, stay current to the industry  developments, get a good feel for the key decisions made by different actors and apply them to individual context. Each week we organise theme based learner led study sessions designed to help learners action the learning to their business/career context. The One-to-one coaching session at the end of the pathway gives the final push/nudge for them to execute on their self-employment, business or career growth outcomes with a lot of Clarity, Commitment and Confidence. 


While the pathway is made accessible and relevant to the food & agribusiness talent in every country our current physical presence is in the UK, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso. 

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