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Pathway: Agribusiness, Food Processing, Retail and Sustainability 

You have the Option to choose the below learning courses individually or as a complete pathway to suit the needs of your students and teams. The learning and coaching pathway is designed around my proprietary business model framework and their four components (Value proposition, distribution strategy, complementary chain partnerships & sustainability elements).

If you are not convinced of the relevance of the entire pathway to suit the context and outcomes you have in mind for your students, teams you can start with our:


Food and Agriculture Business Model Course - India

Food and Agriculture Business Model Course - Rest of the world

Other courses in the learning pathway are:

  1. Agriculture Basics

  2. The Business of Agritech

  3. Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

  4. Food and Agribusiness Trends and Developments

  5. Business of Alternative Foods

  6. Food Distribution Systems

  7. Path to Profitability in Agribusiness

  8. Business Model Design Case Exercise: the case of snack and ingredient manufacturer

  9. Introduction to Agri-Finance

The reflection assignment (also part of the pathway) and a coaching session with drnalla will follow the learning of the above 10 courses. This exercise will prepare the learner for bringing the learning into action: Pathway Learning Reflection & coaching

Pathway: Business Model & Talent Development Strategy Coaching  

This reflection exercise followed by feedback and One-on-One coaching session with drnalla is designed to help experienced professionals & entrepreneurs formulate & get experiential insights to their business model and talent development dilemmas/ideas/questions.


Here you can review the coaching pathway and judge its relevance to your context : Business Model & Talent Strategy Reflection and Coaching Pathway 

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